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Bid Global International Auctioneers was established in 1997 by the Turobiner family of auctioneers. Three generations of family members with over 40 years of experience currently operate the firm. The family is recognized as expert in the industry and bear an outstanding international reputation for integrity, experience and industry knowledge.  Almost 20 years ago, the family saw a need for an on-site auction firm that provided a unique experience and exceptional quality for buyers, collectors and aficionados of jewellery, fine watches and timepieces, gemstones, precious stones and gems, and exclusive one-of-a-kind sourcing for unusual, creative and beautiful pieces d’art.

For the first time ever, Bid Global International Auctioneers introduced an efficient platform to systematically liquidate large collections of product as an answer to the great demand from liquidators, jewelry wholesalers, precious stone importers, and manufacturers. Bid Global is one of the leading solution providers for dissolution of assets required by virtue of bankruptcies, manufacturer’s changing stock/lines, cancelled orders and businesses closing down. Bid Global is also a solution for Government agencies by providing a fast and equitable sale platform for Seized and Unclaimed Assets.

Bid Global International Auctioneers has quickly become one of the leading specialists in the auction of jewelry and other luxury items, hosting hundreds of auctions per year in major cities throughout the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Great Britain, Ireland, South Africa and Australia.

Our global customer base consistently keeps our auctions packed with returning clients of distinction who benefit from tremendous values, outstanding quality, and superior customer service.
All of the products which Bid Global International Auctioneers offers to their clients, including all jewellery and gemstones are inspected for authenticity by Certified Gemologists and come with a Certificate of Appraisal. All Certificate descriptions are unconditionally guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

Bid Global International Auctioneers utilizes the services of the GLA – Gemological Laboratory of America, the EGL – European Gemological Laboratory, the AGL – American Gem Society Laboratories, and the AGI – Accredited Gemological Institute in evaluating, grading and appraisal of all gemological products to assure our clients of authentic natural gems, stones and ancillary metals.

At every Bid Global International Auctioneers Auction Event, you can expect to find great deals on:

  • Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Cartier, Diamond set and other fine quality watches
  • Diamond studs, earrings, rings, necklaces and other superb jewellery
  • Diamond tennis bracelets, marvelous unique and one-of-a-kind settings
  • South Sea and Tahitian Pearl jewelry
  • Fine Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Tanzanite, Alexandrite and Aquamarine Jewelry

All diamonds, gems and stones are GIA, GLA, EGL, AGL or AGI Certified


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